Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Oh happy day!

We are going back! I have now booked our trip to WDW for LATE in the summer. I will be about six months pregnant, but we'll be driving, so that shouldn't be a problem. We are planning on spending five nights and five days in WDW and one day and night somewhere near Clearwater, FL....which I haven't booked yet, but am looking to very soon. I even got to make our WDW dining reservations and there were three places I wanted to go to so much and we were lucky enough to get all three...yay! :) I am so excited....Dane will be four when we go and I am so looking forward to sharing this with him while he's old enough to really take it all in. Look how LITTLE he was the last time we went! Unbelievable. We are really excited. I'll be posting some current pictures really soon....and hopefully I'll do better at blogging now! Sorry for the last week of none!

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