Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Happy Boys

Wow! These pictures make me so incredibly happy. I love to see Luke and Dane having fun together, but most of all, I love to see them laughing and giggling. They both make me so happy and so lucky. Dane has recently telling Luke, "Daddy, your my best friend!" So cute and wonderful to hear those words. I asked him, who's mommy's best friend and he said, "Me is!" Like, don't you know? These boys are so much fun! :)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dane laughing makes me SO happy!

Yes, these are MORE snow pictures....I swear you'd think we live way north of where we are with all the snow pictures I have from this year... I just LOVE these pictures because Dane is having the best time and laughing his little heart out. My favorite pictures are of when I capture him laughing...not "smile, say cheese" ones. He was having so much fun....and so was I...taking these pics of him...what a boy! :)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

our <3 day (in pictures)

We started our Valentine's celebration last week with our visit to one of our favorite restaurants...Bahama Breeze. We took Dane with us and he loved it...loved the waterfalls inside and the pizza oven with fire in it. He even ate pretty well for him at a restaurant. It was so yummy and a great night out with our sweet little family.
Our gifts to each other this year just happened to be movies....Luke is getting Don Knotts movies from me and he gave me The Fox and The Hound on DVD...the first movie we watched together (me at 16...him at 18). :) Dane got a whole lot of candy including some conversation hearts...so far all he's eaten is some of his gummy bears...now off to get my sick little man some jello. Happy Day! :)

Happy *heart* Day!

So these pics weren't taken today...so what! They were actually taken on the 2nd...however, it has been snowing on and off today, just not sticking this time, but that's a good thing because Dane is sick and he would BEG me to play in it if it were there and I would feel SO bad that he couldn't. Happy Valentine's Day to all that I love....

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

fort worth rodeo

we took our annual trip to the rodeo/stock show recently. i ran out of battery power on my camera half way through the rodeo, but here are some decent shots i got while we were enjoying the rodeo. poor dane was starving and started crying for food. he wouldn't eat breakfast that morning like i begged him to, but was so hungry at 10 when the rodeo started. so i got him a rodeo hot dog and he ate the whole thing! we went and window shopped at the stock show and bought some fudge, rock candy and some more texas/cowboy themed switchplates for our kitchen. we also looked at tractors and luke collected brochures on the ones he wants his dad to get! :) i hope we do get a tractor sometime this year....that would be great. we also went to see the children's barnyard and a ffa girl let dane pet a baby chick through a chainlink fence....well, he tried to pull the chick through the little hole in the fence and take it away from the girl. luke told the girl he must be hungry....what will he think of next...
we had a great time....i can't wait to go again next year...like every year! :)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

fuji san

here are photos of my trip to see mt. fuji in 2003. i just got some reprints made so i can scrapbook them for my japan album and it made me want to post them on my blog....it was such an amazing trip. and the coldest i'd ever been in japan. these photos were taken in fuji peace park.
selena came along with me on this mwr sponsored trip. i'm so glad i went and saw mt. fuji before we left japan. i just wish it had been a more clear day. i've seen mountains before...both the smokies and rockies in the states, but they do not compare to this amazing mountain all by itself. it is truly a grand sight.

what's going on...

i've been pretty obsessed with downloading music lately...so has luke. we've been downloading like one cd every couple of days lately. the incubus cd has been completely embedded in my brain...not a bad thing. love, love it. i have been watching music videos again on imf channel which reminds me of back in the day...used to watch mtv japan all the time (miss all the japanese music). found this guy mika on a video recently and seriously this music makes me so happy...it's like a bouncy version of queen. love queen, but love this stuff so much more right now. as well as hellogoodbye...some of their stuff is not for me, but what i do like, i like so much...could listen to some of it on repeat all day long...
i just thought i'd post something about myself for a change, especially since my spaz of a computer is being annoying...

Saturday, February 03, 2007

problems....with the stupid computer!

just so you know...i'm going to post some pictures i haven't taken recently (but that make me happy anyway!) because something is seriously messed up with my usb plug in....i don't know what, but hopefully will be fixed soon....
....so it snowed yesterday and i got a lot more awesome pictures of dane playing in the snow....he really loves the snow more than i can say! he got SO excited when he woke up and saw it yesterday a.m. this time he took one of my kitchen spoons out with him and dug around in the snow "for treasure". anyway, we had fun....and this weekend we're just going to hang out at the house mostly and spend time with our daddy luke!