Friday, November 30, 2007

Our first character meal....Lunch at Hollywood and Vine

We had lunch with characters from playhouse Disney...the Little Einsteins (Leo is the red head). Also characters from Jojo's circus (Jojo the clown and Goliath, her pet lion). The food was pretty good....the desserts there were SO yummy. They were all miniature desserts, but they were my favorite part of the meal. They had singing and dancing throughout our lunch and all the characters came to meet us and take pictures with Dane. It was really a fun lunch! :)

MGM Disney Studios....and that crazy elevator!

Here we are....our first full day at MGM. We loved it! It was all of our first time to go and we really liked it. I liked that the park didn't seem SO big! :)
Dane was cajoled into riding the Tower of Terror ride with Luke....he was tall enough, so I thought he must be old enough....well, it scared the crap out of him and now it is known as "the crazy elevator". It affected the entire rest of the trip....every time we tried to get him to go on a ride, he was a bit scared it would be like the crazy elevator, but we got him to ride pretty much everything anyway....Star Tours did take twice in line before he actually got on the ride though! :)
The third picture is a picture I took of the photo they take on the Tower of Terror....Luke and Dane are in the front row. I was really proud of Dane....he didn't cry! :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dinner at Epcot--Our first night at WDW

This was our first night and our first meal at Disney World. We were all so very tired, but we loved the restaurant and the food. I had salmon, Luke had mahi mahi, and Dane had macaroni, of all things. Dane had an ice cream sundae for dessert and I had citrus creme brulee and Luke had a molten lava cake with some strong liquor in it. :) It was quite a shock to bite into, he said. This was Dane's and my first time into Epcot. We bought a few postcards and Dane a WDW Monorail toy on the way out to our car. It was a very nice evening! :) Of course!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Magic Kingdom pictures

What a wonderful way to start our Disney trip....we stopped by the Magic Kingdom in the middle of our first hot afternoon for a few hours....we arrived just in time for the parade at 3 o'clock. We rode a few rides while we were there as well....Snow White's, Pooh Bear's, It's a Small World and Splash Mountain... We all had such fun! :)
And no matter how many times I see it, the castle always takes my breath away....and usually brings tears to my eyes...Oh for the love of Disney!