Sunday, January 28, 2007

dane dane cuteness!

i just love this little outfit dane got for christmas! it's SO cute on him. what makes him even cuter is his gatorade mustache. every time he's at granny's he raids her fridge and gets him some gatorade. he loves it, but he always gets one of these cute mustaches on him for the rest of the day. i've been loving his longer hair lately too, but alas, he has to get a haircut next week....i'll probably almost cry again...every time he gets a haircut it makes him look so much older!

funny story as of late (for micah's sake)...we bought dane some teddy grahams at albertson's the other day because he swore he was starving! so we get him some, and he starts eating them and we get back to mammie's house and i asked him if he ate them all and he says, "i ate some of them, but there was one and another kid bit the head off of it!" he was upset about the whole thing...i told him, no it came broken in the bag and no kids had been in his teddy grahams bag before i bought them for him. he comes up with some wowzers sometimes! :)

my first japan sb page!

so this is my first page that i've made from my japan pictures. i got such awesome stuff for christmas to start on my japan pictures (because i SO want them all to be beautiful and perfect). this paper (DCWV far east) is so beautiful and so easy to use...thanks debbie! :) i have made about 10 pages total now for my japan album (and probably have 100 to go...agghh! but it's been so much fun and brings back SO many great memories! btw, sakura means cherry blossom in japanese!

more of scooter...

i just thought this was so cute. he was buried underneath covers, pillows and my huge paper cutter. i
have no idea how the little fellow got under all of it without being suffocated! we sure do love this little guy even though he's got some issues sometimes... recently he threw up in our bed...and now dane is terrified to have him in his bed. he screams at scooter to get off his bed...and says "you'll throw up on me." too funny!

Monday, January 22, 2007

my snow angel

i just love this. he's the one that laid down, but i asked him to make me an angel and he obliged me. kids are so amazing....and mine is so amazing more still. i am so lucky to have him, have moments like these, and to have a camera to capture them on........

Thursday, January 18, 2007

more snow...makes me happy!

not really a lot to say about all these pics, except snow makes me incredibly happy, especially when those i love most don't have to drive around in it....but i must just add....i have the most beautiful boy in the whole wide world! i am so lucky and have all my boys!

some more of our buddy

He may chew up everything he can find, jump Dane from behind and jump on us as well, but he sure is cute, ain't he? We love him already....our buddy!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Our Superman

Our Super boy is such a super kid and he's super fun. I love these pjs that Dane got for Christmas. He goes into "super" mode every time he wears them. I love watching him have so much fun! :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

bubble bathtime...

our new dog...buddy!

So we now have an addition to our family....well, I wish we could say that we adopted him, but he actually adopted us! He showed up on Christmas Eve and after we started feeding him (because we couldn't let him go hungry) he stayed...he's an outside dog--because he chews on everything he can find and we really don't know him that well just yet. We still already love him and he follows us around constantly when we're outside and he's very friendly and he absolutely adores Dane... We are so lucky that he found us!
At first, Dane called him the big ole wolf, but now he says "he is not a big ole wolf anymore, he's a buddy!"

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

home sweet home...

here are some things in our sweet home that i treasure and that always make me smile...some new, some old...i love them all just the same...........dane's new leapfrog abc game (i love watching him play with it)...a tiny part of luke's shotglass collection...tins from tokyo disneyland and tokyo disneysea (two of my favoritest places on earth)...some cutesy things on a shelf in dane's room including my anpanman doll...a few of my japanese dolls that i've collected over the years...the top of our fridge, packed with magnets (another one of my collections!) and pictures...a few of dane's new Christmas mickey i got from qvc this holiday pillow cover luke got me when he was in india ( i just started using it after having it for 4 or 5 years now)...
....i seriously, truly love our home. of course, i might change a few things here and there, but all in all...i am so grateful not only to have a nice house, but to have a wonderful home to enjoy with my sweet family.

December 27th at Mom's house....

Mom had "Christmas" at her house this year on the 27th. It was a pretty nice time. We got to play with Aiden (who is the quietest baby I've ever seen). Dane had a lot of fun opening up all his Thomas stuff that Granma and Papa gave him, but he could only open the small trains which made him beg us to open the big boxes from the time we opened presents until we got home! Mammie and Carol came...and Al and his girlfriend Ruth (from NY) and Mandy were also there. We watched Il Divo on DVD throughout the whole night at Mammie's request. It was our last Christmas gathering for the season and it was a success! :)

Monday, January 08, 2007

Our stash!

We got some awesome presents for Christmas...some from each other and some from other people. My top five favorite presents this year would have to be....

1. Red knife set
2. hello kitty box
3. cross necklace
4. jewerly box
5. my scrapbook stuff

but i seriously liked absolutely everything! BTW, everything Luke got isn't pictured...just most of the stuff I gave him. I'm sad we have to wait a whole year until next Christmas. I'm glad though that we have Dane's birthday to look forward to this summer! And ours too, but his is the most important!
Hey Micah...check out my Johnny Depp tshirt! :)