Friday, November 30, 2007

MGM Disney Studios....and that crazy elevator!

Here we are....our first full day at MGM. We loved it! It was all of our first time to go and we really liked it. I liked that the park didn't seem SO big! :)
Dane was cajoled into riding the Tower of Terror ride with Luke....he was tall enough, so I thought he must be old enough....well, it scared the crap out of him and now it is known as "the crazy elevator". It affected the entire rest of the trip....every time we tried to get him to go on a ride, he was a bit scared it would be like the crazy elevator, but we got him to ride pretty much everything anyway....Star Tours did take twice in line before he actually got on the ride though! :)
The third picture is a picture I took of the photo they take on the Tower of Terror....Luke and Dane are in the front row. I was really proud of Dane....he didn't cry! :)

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