Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I LOVE felt!!

I have been making things out of felt for about a year or so...maybe a little bit less. I started making my niece Caleigh some felt play food for a gift last year....it was so fun to make and turned out so cute and she loved it! I also made a ton of Christmas ornaments out of felt, which people seemed to really enjoy....

And now I am participating in a swap at 2peas that is all felt! I am super duper excited just making the felt products I signed up for, but I can't wait to get all the goodies the other ladies are making.

So far, I've made cookies (which aren't posted in this post), eggs, bananas and I have finished cutting and sewing the monster's faces! :) Dane Dane designed the monsters and I translated that into the felt...they are going to be so cute and he's named his monsters "Phineas" after one of our fave cartoons!

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Erica said...

Cute eggs! I recently got into needle felting so I was checking out other peoples felt Items... I love them!