Tuesday, February 13, 2007

fort worth rodeo

we took our annual trip to the rodeo/stock show recently. i ran out of battery power on my camera half way through the rodeo, but here are some decent shots i got while we were enjoying the rodeo. poor dane was starving and started crying for food. he wouldn't eat breakfast that morning like i begged him to, but was so hungry at 10 when the rodeo started. so i got him a rodeo hot dog and he ate the whole thing! we went and window shopped at the stock show and bought some fudge, rock candy and some more texas/cowboy themed switchplates for our kitchen. we also looked at tractors and luke collected brochures on the ones he wants his dad to get! :) i hope we do get a tractor sometime this year....that would be great. we also went to see the children's barnyard and a ffa girl let dane pet a baby chick through a chainlink fence....well, he tried to pull the chick through the little hole in the fence and take it away from the girl. luke told the girl he must be hungry....what will he think of next...
we had a great time....i can't wait to go again next year...like every year! :)

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