Friday, January 05, 2007

christmas morning fun!

What can I say about our Christmas....except it was wonderfully fun...thanks to Dane and Santa! :) It was really a blast getting to watch Dane have so much fun opening presents. We really did go overboard with the trains (or shall I say Luke really went overboard *wink*), but it was all worth the smiles, gasps and complete wonderment of our little boy. What a wonderful blessing he is! We had a VERY merry Christmas. Thank you have really blessed us!

I got a lot of wonderful presents...including the most comfy slippers ever...I made Luke a scrapbook of pictures of him and Dane...I made Dad a collage of b&w pictures of our trip to Chicago...Scooter got a stocking FULL of bones...Debbie got the eliptical machine she's been wanting from Jerry and was a HUGE surprise for her...Dane also got a new work bench from Granny & Grandaddy! What a fun morning........

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