Sunday, January 28, 2007

dane dane cuteness!

i just love this little outfit dane got for christmas! it's SO cute on him. what makes him even cuter is his gatorade mustache. every time he's at granny's he raids her fridge and gets him some gatorade. he loves it, but he always gets one of these cute mustaches on him for the rest of the day. i've been loving his longer hair lately too, but alas, he has to get a haircut next week....i'll probably almost cry again...every time he gets a haircut it makes him look so much older!

funny story as of late (for micah's sake)...we bought dane some teddy grahams at albertson's the other day because he swore he was starving! so we get him some, and he starts eating them and we get back to mammie's house and i asked him if he ate them all and he says, "i ate some of them, but there was one and another kid bit the head off of it!" he was upset about the whole thing...i told him, no it came broken in the bag and no kids had been in his teddy grahams bag before i bought them for him. he comes up with some wowzers sometimes! :)

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