Saturday, March 07, 2009

...AND Sanrio shopping!

Oooooooo, I had so much fun at the Sanrio store (again thank you Luke)!! I got all this fabulous stuff for a little over $50! :) Yay! Just the blanket was $68.00 at regular price! I could NOT believe how lucky I was to find a Shinkansen backpack too and on clearance!! And they had Shinkansen pencils too... But I absolutely LOVE my "charming kitty" mink blanket. I am such a lucky girl! I love all of my cute kitty chan & Shinkansen cuties!


susanmo said...

What great finds! I loved Grapevine Mills Mall when we lived in DFW.

The Empty Envelope said...

I loved Sanrio as a kid! They had a store for awhile at Mall of America, but closed it a few years back. I haven't had a 'fix' in years. This was fun!