Saturday, March 07, 2009

...Disney store shopping!

I have the best husband! Last night he took us all out to an amazing dinner at Copeland's of New Orleans. We really loved it! We had to forego dessert though...we were completely stuffed after eating our entrees...

Then we went to Academy to by Dane baseball equipment for the upcoming first season of Little League in our household...very exciting!

Then he took me to Grapevine Mills just so I could have some happy shopping time at two of my very favorite stores....The Disney Store and Sanrio!

So at The Disney Store they were having an amazing sale! They had a HUGE bag and if you bought it for $2 you could fill it up with any of their clearance items and get an EXTRA 50% off!!! So I bought tons (see the above photos) and spent about $50--and $20 of that was on Pinocchio and Flower who were not on sale! We always have to buy more stuffed Disney characters every time we go! Luke picked out flower and I picked out pinocchio! :) My favorite thing I bought was the snow globe that was regular $24.50 and the HUGE Christmas Minnie that was only $5! :) I had so much fun. Thank you Lukey!!

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